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Our Shows

Yamo Media is a media collective based in Central Ohio that is aiming to create a local network that serves as a hub for all things Columbus. From Local Sports, Events, and Content Creators, Yamo was established in 2021 and in our short 2 years, we have broadcasted State Championships, State Events, and Much More. 

Below you will find a list of our original shows which can be watched in the Yamo Media App 

Many of our work lives on our clients Youtube pages as Well. for more information on some of our other work, visit our projects page

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David Carter's The Catalyst

David Carter’s The Catalyst is an exceptional podcast that explores the remarkable journeys of various visionaries, leaders, and changemakers. Each episode delves into the lives of different guests, who share their experiences and insights. Through their stories, listeners learn about faith, the transformative power of education, the art of motivation, and the blend of religious leadership with mental health advocacy. The Catalyst serves as a platform for inspiration and education, emphasizing the potential within each listener to spark change in their community. Through these stories, The Catalyst invites its audience on a journey of transformation and growth.

Girls Only Sports

Hosted by Candace Allen and Kayla Williams, Girls Only Sports takes a deep dive into the world of women's athletics. From local girls sports all the way to the pros, Candace and Kayla have you covered!

The Wisemen Say Podcast

The Wisemen Say is all about the soccer scene in Columbus, Ohio. Hosted by Tyler Fisher and Jerald Lucas, this Pod focuses on not just the Columbus Crew, but different Soccer programs throughout the city! 

Sean Anthony Live

Looking for a podcast that will entertain, engage, and inspire you? Look no further than Sean Anthony Live! With over 25 years of experience as a radio personality, I have honed my skills as an interviewer and conversation starter. In my podcast, I sit down with an eclectic range of guests, from musicians and artists to industry experts, to have conversations about the latest trends and issues that matter most. Join me at Yamo Studios in Columbus, Ohio, for a podcast experience that you won't forget!

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