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Event Production/Streaming

Yamo Media has years of experience in live-streaming events. As a company, we have produced over 100 High School Sports Broadcasts, Graduation Ceremonies, Boxing Events, Business Conferences, Expos, and Concerts. We can offer up to 8 cameras, live-streamed (requires internet connection at venue, or an additional charge for a Hot-Spot).

You will receive a copy of the event in the cloud that you can download for yourself, and we can stream it to any destination you wish. We even have the ability to make it a PPV event for you to raise funds. 

Video Camera

Event Production/Streaming Pricing

Every event is unique, and therefore it is hard to put an exact pricing plan together. We recommend you fill out the form below for a direct quote as there are a lot of variables. We do have a couple of pre-determined packages for you if they meet your needs. 

$399 - Single Camera Stream - This is a one camera basic stream of the event. It includes 4 total hours and the Camera Operator, as well as the camera feed sent to the destination of your choosing. It also includes basic graphics creates before the event (static name plates)

$899 - Three Camera Stream - This package contains 5 hours, two camera operators and a director. This is perfect if you have a conference and you want to include multiple shots and professional graphics to make your production look professional,

$1999 - The Grand Production - This package includes 3 Camera Operators, 5 Cameras, Graphics, and up to 10 hours of shooting/editing a single camera video leading up to the event. A great example of this is a showcase at the end of a season, graduation ceremony, or conference. We will work with you to ensure the event goes smoothly from the production side, and we can distribute it to 3 destination (high-speed internet at venue required)

Again, we can customize our packages to meet your needs, but these are some packages that if you know what you want, it makes it easy. For Inquiries and availability, fill out the form below. 

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